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Deep tissue massage focuses on relaxing the tendons, ligaments, and muscle tissues deep underneath the skin. As a massage therapy, this is most useful for helping with muscular pain or tendonitis, sprains, and other such chronic pains. The massage therapist uses slow, careful strokes to penetrate the tense fibers beneath the surface, inducing a state of deep relaxation. Because of the focus of getting down to those tough to work out knots and kinks in the muscular tissue, there is less rhythm in the massage than one might experience with Swedish Massage and some other forms of massage therapy. However, for some tension, only the intense pressure of a deep tissue massage can help to rub it out and rid you of your pain.

Located in Seminole, Florida East Meets West Massage & Spa is conveniently located centrally between St. Pete, Clearwater, and Largo areas. If you are looking for the best in Deep Tissue massage and therapy, stop by our locations or call for an appointment so that we can help lead you into relaxation with our top of the line massage therapists.

How does it work?

With chronic muscular injury or overuse, adhesions form along muscular tissue. These adhesions are muscular tissue that has formed into painful, tight, hard bands, and are what most people refer to as “knots.” A massage therapist can apply deep pressure, rubbing hard along the muscular fibers to break up these painful knots. When done properly, this massage therapy can assist in relieving chronic inflammation in the muscular tissue, as well by releasing endorphins and serotonin. Endorphins and serotonin are neurotransmitters that regulate the body’s natural pain relief system, and triggering the release of these through massage can result in an immediate lessening of both somatic and neuropathic pain.

Health benefits

Swedish massage therapy is primarily used for overall relaxation and increased circulation, which lead to pain relief. Instead, the goal of deep tissue massage is the relief of a specific problem, often a chronic pain or tenderness. Deep tissue massage works especially well in relieving the following symptoms:

  • Chronic pain
  • Limited mobility
  • Injury recovery, such as a sprained ankle or a traffic accident
  • Repetitive strain injury, such as tendonitis or carpal tunnel
  • Poor posture
  • Ostearthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Muscle tension or spasm


What to expect

Many of the movements are the same as used in Swedish massage therapy, but the movement is slowed down and with less deliberate rhythm to it. There is more pressure applied so that it can break through to those deep-seated knots, and is concentrated on areas where one is already experiencing discomfort or tension.

Are there any side effects?

Because the target area for the massage therapist is wherever the client is experiencing pain, many people will find some discomfort at some point during a deep tissue massage. It is important to note this to your massage therapist if it happens to you so that they can adjust the technique to fit your physique. Though anatomy can be generalized, the body of each client is unique and so the massage therapy must be custom tailored to your needs, since the goal is to relieve pain, not cause it. Afterwards there is often some stiffness, but that rapidly subsides.

If you have any further questions or would like a consultation with one of our staff, please feel free to give us a call. If you are located in St. Pete, Clearwater, or Largo you can also stop by our offices to speak to someone directly.



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