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In a stone massage, a massage therapist takes either heated or cooled stones and places them at specific points on the body. These points on the body are acupressure points that radiate the warmth from the stones into and throughout the body. This is combined with other massage techniques depending on your needs and is one of most relaxing forms of massage therapy that we offer. 

The hot stone / cold stone massage is a fusion of eastern and western massage techniques, providing the health benefits of both simultaneously. Western massage practices, such as the Swedish and deep tissue massages, are designed to rub out certain stressed muscle tissues with a number of specialized stroking techniques along the muscle fibers in order to work out the kinks that can arise as a result of stress. Eastern massage techniques define a number of points on the body that can be massaged or otherwise utilized, in this case with temperature-controlled stones, to create a desired effect. The pressure points in question are known by other names depending on the origin of the technique, but the end goal is the same: to change the flow of your energy and channel it either more into balance, or toward focusing on healing a certain area of the body.

Our competent massage therapists know when it is best to use a warm rather than a cool stone, and vice versa, to guarantee you the most relaxing massage experience you could want. They know where to place them while they also incorporate some traditional Swedish or deep tissue massage techniques. You and your massage therapist can work together to help channel your energy into a state of relaxation, which rejuvenates and restores balance to your mind, your body, and your spirit.

In order to guarantee you this, our massage therapists only use the highest quality basalt stones for the heated stone massage, or marble for the cooled. Basalt is a smooth black volcanic rock that soaks in the warmth of the heated water the stones are waiting in before the massage. The heat from the stones helps to loosen up strained muscle fibers, and increases blood flow and metabolism to these meridian points on the body. It also provides a soothing, radiating warmth that will spread from those points to the rest of your body. 

Cold Stones can be used with Hot Stones as Contrast Therapy, or a Cold Stone massage can be used to focuses on specific problems, such as auto accident whiplash, sports injuries, and chronic tension at specific points. In this respect, the two temperature stones are similar to the difference between Swedish massage with the warm stones, and a deep tissue massage in regards to the cold stones relieving specific reoccurring pains.

For those in the St Pete, Clearwater, Largo, and beach areas, please stop by our Seminole location for a consult in person to figure out which massage treatment is best for you. Our massage therapists are well versed in hot and cold stone massage and will be able to guide you in the best direction for your specific relaxation and tension release needs.

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